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Defeating the opponent or making the opponent confused when playing against you is what every player thinks about. So how can we do that? Here’s what every player should try and use to play poker.

Not just playing poker, but playing any game, the time you react is what reveals the state you are in. Therefore, you should not let it help the opponent to have clues about your hand is considered another trick to confuse them while playing.

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Especially those who bet too fast with average hands or waiting hands often seem like the straight is revealing their hand. That is why they are very wise in such situations.

Conversely, when having strong cards, most players tend to think for a long time. So what you should do instead is spend the same amount of time in all of your decisions. Whether you are in Bluff position betting with mid or best hand.

If you are the one who normalizes the time when you play poker, you should avoid exposing your card power to high players. This sounds a bit strange, but in fact it is a clue that helps the players guess the status of your cards. Specifically, the amount of money determines the strength of their hand, because high hand they will bet high money and vice versa.

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According to the fact that many players share, this way of playing this method is only effective against weak opponents. Gamers recommend that you bet big on strong hands against entertainers and less on Bluff or weak hands.

So why do we have to do that? This is because these players usually won’t mind your bet habits. On the contrary, good players will pay attention. This is explained by the fact that when you play against them you need to normalize your bet in all situations.