Guide to Poker Tournament and other tournaments2 - Guide to Poker Tournament and other tournaments

Poker Tournameent is a name that refers to poker tournaments involving many different tables and participating in many players. For example, that is same as the IDN server tournaments, any website with the IDN poker can participate. Players will have to spend a certain amount of money to buy tickets to participate in the tournament.

Betting tournaments are betting tournaments organized by the house to award the top players in the week-month total bet. For this race, their members only need top 10 or 50 or 100 total to have separate regular events. You can understand this is a reward program honoring the members who play the most games.

Choosing The Best Online Poker Real Money SiteGuide to Poker Tournament and other tournaments - Guide to Poker Tournament and other tournaments

For this type of arena, members have to pay a certain fee to register to participate, and when you are the winner you will receive a bonus amount of prize. This tournament game arena has 2 main categories. There are Free Tournaments and Poker Chips Tournaments.

Tcoins are fees short for Tournament Coins, which are used to register in free tournaments.To get Tcoins you just need to play games belonging to the IDN poker game system.

Based on the total bet per day the system will reward you with a number of the Tcoins. The higher the total bet, the more Tcoins are awarded. Your Tcoins are displayed above below the amount in your personal account.

Guide to Poker Tournament and other tournaments1 - Guide to Poker Tournament and other tournaments

Before the tournament starts you are entitled to unsubscribe from the tournament and get a refund of the buyin coin amount by the system. 1 member account has only 1 chance to register to participate in 1 Tournament 1 time only.

If you stand off the table, or lose the prize, you will not be able to register again for the second time. The How to Join section has detailed instructions on how to register for the tournament.